Customer: DAT

Project: Redesign of the web application that deals with complex data concerning new and used vehicles. DAT addresses car dealerships, amongst others.

My role: initial requirements analysis with client, sparring for UX concept, art direction

Industry: Automotive


Year: 2014

Challenge: The recent application did not offer a clear navigation. Also, the information was presented in a way that made it hard to understand. The look and feel was outdated and did not represent the company well. DAT wants to establish internationally and therefor needs a modern and competitive software interface.

Solution: DAT is about a lot of complex data. We designed a very simple and clean interface to offer easy access. The start page became a dashboard, which addressed especially the managers of the a car dealership who need to see at one glance what the status of their business is. For the employees the new application had the option to switch to a list view. We conceptualized landing pages that made it easier for the car salesmen to present the advantages of a car in a sales conversation with a client.






List View:





The newly conceptualized landing page:


This is what the page originally looked like:



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